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Candlewood is a minimal, card battling adventure with hidden depth; a modern collectible card game with the soul of a classic high-fantasy JRPG!
Simple and snappy combat! Choose a card to play, the other goes back in your deck. Deep strategy emerges as your choices add up over an entire battle across party members.
Embark on replay-able randomized dungeon runs to earn new cards and loot. Each location offers unique themes, challenges, and events. Uncover crazy new combos and multiplicative synergies for your team as your card collection grows.

Spend your stat points to access to new cards from 6 different class-based sets. Build characters that use the most powerful cards from a single class, or multi-class to create tons of unique builds!

Complete dungeons and bonus objectives to unlock more locations, meet new party members, and progress the story. Upgrade your town to open up even more possibilities and perks for your party.

Dungeon runs have roguelite flavor, but if you wipe you only lose the loot you collected that run. Return to town any time to freely experiment and build the ultimate team for the job.

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