I once entered a contest where Celebrity Judge Ritzy Bryan called my music "melodic and dreamy, a little bit like Nick Drake jamming with John Martyn." So, pretty much the best I could've hoped for.
Me and my best dudes, live from the old basement apartment.
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I've been recording and performing original music for over two decades (!!) solo and in various groups. I studied piano in undergrad but I also play drums, double bass, and record/produce.

My music's been featured in visual novels like MAMIYA and Dreambound, radio shows like XRT's Local Anesthetic and Treetown Sound, and I've played at Ann Arbor Summer Fest, Sonic Lunch, The Blind Pig, and notable Chicago venues like Schubas, The Hideout, The Empty Bottle, Martyr's, Subterranean, and The Whistler.
Some of my top tracks. Hear the rest on Spotify or Bandcamp.
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Other Projects

Here are some other musical projects I've been involved with as a sideman or engineer.

First up is Emily Jane Powers. I've known Emily since high school! I joined her group on drums in 2014 and we did a lot of cool gigs and recordings together.
Besides drumming, I also got to engineer and produce Part of Me.
I went through a pretty serious phase where I was completely obsessed with mixing and recording. I spent so much time mixing my own stuff that I eventually got good enough to be able to to work on some other people's music too. One of the best was the debut record from Dream Version, which I mixed and even played a little piano on too.
Most of the tracks were recorded at Pieholden Suite; it was a blast to work on!
Last but not least, it's Ann Arbor's own Ultrasounds! This was my very first band and we were together for almost 8 years. Never did make it to the big time 😅 but I learned so much and grew a lot as a songwriter in this group.
Of course I had to include a record from my first band.