Pico Echo

May 2023, iOS / Android / Web Pico Echo is a cute, tamagotchi-style game where you take care of Echo the Cockatiel.
The app store trailer for Pico Echo, out now for iOS and Android!
Check in with Echo to see what she's up to and keep her happy and well-fed. Just like in the original tamagotchi, you've gotta clean up after her too.
Press the seed button to send Echo her favorite treat: golden millet seeds that raise her mood!
You can double tap nearby to get Echo's attention or pet her to check her mood...just be careful not to annoy her. Learn Echo's behavior and respond to what she asks for quickly and precisely to earn bonus treats!
Set Echo's sleep and wake times to match your schedule.
Pico Echo is based on the life and times of celebrity birdfluencer Echo the Cockatiel. The game includes over 100 frames of hand-drawn animation, plus real sounds and behaviors modeled after Echo herself.

There are no ads, no in-app purchases and no data collection ever. It's the perfect pet birb to take with you anywhere!
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