Year In The Trees

On hiatus, PC / Mac / Linux After working on this project nights and weekends for years, I decided to press pause in 2022. Without funding, the game will remain on hiatus until I release something smaller ✌️

Year in the Trees is a survival action RPG about self-reliance.

Build up your cabin as you explore an enchanted forest both vast and dangerous. Uncover hidden lore to find and defeat legendary foes and solve the mystery of the forest.
The latest alpha gameplay footage! All content subject to change.
Set out each day to explore, battle creatures, and amass resources across the forest. Forage, chop wood, catch fish, mine ore, and dig for buried treasure to collect the materials you'll need to survive.

When you're done, head home to rest, garden, and craft powerful weapons and tools to help you delve deeper into the heart of nature.
Upgrade your cabin to unlock new crafting stations, more storage, additional garden plots, and passive bonuses.
Cook and eat delicious meals to level up your stats, use the discovery system to learn new recipes, and upgrade your cabin to open up more advanced crafting and perks.

Trade, quest, and chat with NPCS, then use what you learn to trigger boss fights and complete the story.
By felling that sapling, you've just angered nearby members of a druidic cult.
Check out the TIGSource DevLog for an archive of the game's development featuring tutorials, deep dives, design talk, and more.
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